Our Story

What is Silvr Lining

Silvr Lining is a design-driven fashion company offering three multi-functional, high-tech fashion and lifestyle brands. Our design perspective is progressive and green, and our business practice pursues sustainability and renewability of materials and processes. Utilization of new technology to enhance the function and performance of our products and to bring added value to our customers is also embraced. The DUGWEAR (dual utility garments) line combines a California point of view with high quality, certified, organic fabrics to create styles for the active urban lifestyle. MODBOX is a high concept modular dressing system that can be layered and draped endlessly for work, play, and after 5PM, as well. The GO Collection is an urban sportswear line featuring integrated solar charging for personal mobile communication devices.

Lining was conceived in Southern California in 2008 during one of the worst worldwide economic downturns in modern history. The economic crisis coincided with growing global concerns over climate change and clean and affordable energy sources. The founders believe that we have the choice of a brighter future due to humankind’s indomitable optimism, pragmatism, and ability to continually innovate new solutions to evolving problems. Indeed, amid the bleakness, there is a silver lining.

Silvr Lining is based in sunny Southern California with design studios in the garment district of downtown Los Angeles. While we have a distinctly regional Southern California point-of-view that defines our design attitude, we seek to serve the global active-urban customer. We are committed to manufacturing locally, and our products proudly bear a “Made in USA” label.